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yesterday going to be above average for this time year making it into the mid-90s inland and i'll tell you just how hot we'll get today in the next couple of days in just a bit. over to gianna with a look at traffic. >> we go to the golden gate bridge now where so far, so good traffic is cruising along. we had some roadwork though that may still be causing delays on 101. it was a perfect end for america's space shuttle program. >> atlantis is home, its journey complete, a moment in history to be savored. >> coming up we'll have a live report from cape canaveral at 6:10. new this morning, police in fairfield are on the hunt for a suspect in a s.w.a.t. standoff that happened overnight. a 40-year-old man and his elderly mother got in an argument at dorel drive in paradise valley drive.
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police satisfy he held a gun to her face and tried to choke her. police moved in after four hours. the man ran out and is still on the loose though no word if the woman was hurt. a community meeting to talk about a police shooting in san francisco turns into a shouting match. anne makovec is in san francisco to explain what happened. the police chief tried to talk. it was difficult because many in the crowd were not there to listen. good morning. >> reporter: he was hoping that this would ease the concerns of the community. it seemed to be the opposite. here's the footage of the police chief being shut down. [ screaming ] >> reporter: chief greg suhr left not long after that happened. a lot of bayview residents were
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there to vent. >> a group of people that have been voice less, that have been victimized. countless stories. valid concerns are being raised. so what if it's not the most articulate way? it's still impassed and it's still a human response that end that's what we are seeing out here today. >> reporter: the meeting was held in response to a police shooting in this neighborhood in the bayview last weekend. it started as officers approached a 19-year-old man for fare evasion. he took off, he shot at them, they shot him and he died. here's his picture. kenneth harding a parolee from seattle wanted for questioning in a smoothing death up there. but a lot of people who came to the meeting last night said this wasn't really about him per se. it was more about years of bad relations between the police department and the community. they had several concerns saying it shouldn't have gotten as far as it did over the weekend, saying this man was shot in front of children and
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that police officers basically let him bleed to death in the streets. so the police department obviously has a lot more work when it comes to community relations here in the bayview and greg suhr, the police chief, says he is planning more community meetings but none of those scheduled just yet. >> anne, do we know if there is any more evidence that was presented to the community? that was the intention. >> reporter: the main thing that the chief was going to do was present where the investigation is now. we had heard some information about the suspect with gun residue, gunpowder on his hand so that was kind of for lack of a better term a smoking gun for the police department. they said that that really proved that he was trying to shoot at them, because even the finer details in the case are still being debated at this point. a lot of witness say no this guy wasn't even shooting at the police. so the police chief really wants to get all the facts in
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this case out. but again, the community says it doesn't even really matter, that the problem here has been a long-standing problem between the police department and the community. >> thank you, anne makovec in san francisco. not everyone at last night meeting came from the bayview and then tuesday night most of those arrested in a violent protest were from somewhere else. out of 43 people arrested on charges of vandalism or failing to obey a lawful order like getting out of the street, police say only 17 were from san francisco. and only one was from the bayview. richmond police are searching for a killer after another young man is gunned down in the streets. 20-year-old darrell russell was shot to death near a community center shortly before noon yesterday. police say someone got out of a car and shot russell at close range. the victim's grandmother lost another grandson in a shooting two years ago. >> i'm just tired. this is the second grandchild
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i'm going to bury in two years. >> police have no motive for yesterday's killing but they are looking at possible connections to a double murder in the same area sunday night that may be gang-related. a university of san francisco student is one of three presumed dead after plunging over a waterfall at yosemite. all three were with a church group from the san joaquin valley on a day trip to the national park. witness say that the three had crossed a metal safety rail to take pictures in a swollen river above the vernal falls. a woman fell into the water. then a man and another woman slipped in trying to save her. their bodies, though have not been recovered. in response to a deadly crash at ucsf, it announced it's putting seatbelts in its shuttle buses. the university hopes to have the fleet outfitted by the end of august. state lawmakers are looking into why shuttle buses are
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exempt from laws which require seatbelts. time now 6:05. we'll get another check of traffic and weather. i think everyone is in a better mood when it's sunshine with hot temperatures. >> you feel more awake, it's warmer. >> talk to strangers on the street. >> i don't know about that. [ laughter ] >> i think that might just be you, elizabeth. [ laughter ] >> people are more social. they are in better moods. they are friendlier. >> it's true. people definitely are in a better mood. people wear lighter colors. brighter today. another gorgeous one lots of sun today, marine layer a little deeper than yesterday and seeing some clouds out there at the golden gate bridge and along the coastline, as well. current temperatures mild, seeing 60s still in san jose, in the 50s elsewhere, 54 in san rafael, 59 for fairfield and for concord. and highs warming up nicely today. mid-90s inland even getting to the highway 70s into the bay and 60s at the coast today. i'll tell you how long this warm weather is going to last in just a bit. let's go over to gianna with traffic. >> all right. so far, so good on the roads. we're accident-free. that's the good news. and so far, so good on the bay
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bridge, as well. here's live look at the upper denying. no delays heading into san francisco. metering lights off on the upper deck. traffic light at the toll plaza so far no problems off the lower deck into oakland if you are heading out of san francisco to the east bay. elsewhere 101 southbound out of marin county some slight delays, once you hit the golden gate bridge though so far, so good no delays into san francisco. these delays along 101 were due to roadwork. looks like they are wrapping things up. it's getting a bit better out there. that's traffic. back to you. >> thank you. the space shuttle era is now over. we are going to have a live report from florida on what's next for space exploration. >> plus, it's a sign of the times. how soon mail could be delivered just three times a week. >> and a heat wave melting numerous states. the age-old question a reporter asked with a car and some bacon and eggs. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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♪ [ male announcer ] who's your car's best friend? gasoline that cleans. chevron with techron. care for your car. morning. the crew of the final space shuttle mission back on earth as you can see. safe and sound. this after atlantis landed flawlessly in florida this morning. >> joining us live now from
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cape canaveral is cbs news' terrell brown. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. good to see you. >> now, the last time we talked to you, you seemed a little verklempf when you were describing what it was like to watch the shuttle land. >> reporter: it's one of those things. i have seen one before but you really never get used to it. you never know what to expect. i wasn't expecting to see it the way it did come down. never seen a night landing so that was fascinating to watch it go by and the crowd here so many people came out to watch this shuttle land to just sort of have that historical moment so they can say i was at the kennedy space center to watch the last shuttle land and the end of the space shuttle program. so very bittersweet for me even, you know? it's hard not to shed a tear and the great example judge just to show you how hop lar was, if you can imagine a concert with everybody holding their cell phones in the air, everybody had a camera, everybody had something they could take a picture with everybody wanting to have this moment.
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for themselves. >> i would imagine that this is going to be part of the problem in the area is that all those people who come to see the shuttles take off or land, they are all going away because that's going to affect business in the area, right, tourism? >> reporter: right. and you have people that work here, as well. thousands upon thousands of people that are contracted to work out here at the kennedy space center, they live around here, they are part of the economy of this area and with all these jobs disappearing, it really is going to affect the terrain here, the area nearby, the local economy. what nasa is hoping though -- by the way, atlantis, which is over my shoulder, is going to stay right here at the kennedy space center. so they are hoping that if the shuttle stays here, that is just enough to bring people in from all around the world to pay their "respects" to it and try to give the economy a boost by tourism, if you will. >> terrell, so what's next for the u.s. in space exploration? >> reporter: we have a couple of different things on tap. nothing is for certain. if we go back in time, mercury gave way to gemini and gemini to the apollo and from the
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apollo to the shuttle missions. we don't have that kind of definition right now. we don't know what's going to come up. we know commercial companies have been given the it's tok work on getting astronauts up -- the task to get astronauts up into the international space station and low earth orbit but nothing for the next few years and nasa has been assigned to try to build another spaceship to go beyond low earth orbit so we are talking about to mars maybe or to an asteroid about 2025 or 2030. >> in the meantime we'll depend on the russians. it will be interesting to see. terrell brown at cape canaveral. >> $65 million a seat. >> not cheap. terrell brown, thanks for joining us from florida. time now 6:13. some progress in the debt debate. why president obama is changing his tune. >> and soon no more naked images at the airport. the new software that is less invasive. we are cleared for take-off out of sfo today. finally making it to above average temperatures all around
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the bay area. 77 as a high here today. a little warmer as you make your way down south. landing in los angeles today reaching a high of 81 degrees. mostly sunny skies, although we may see a little bit of fog out there this morning. and if the weather in the bay area and l.a. is not hot enough for you, 108 in phoenix today a little relief from the cloud cover out there. a full look at the bay area forecast coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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try again to meet with the public .. despite being shouted down at last night welcome back. well, here's a look at today's top stories. san francisco's police chief will try again to meet with the public despite being shouted down at last night's gathering in the bayview district. the meeting was to discuss saturday's fatal officer- involved shooting. the number of traffic deaths in california is down for the fifth straight year. a new report shows about 2700 people died on the roads last year. that's the lowest rate since 1944. there are new guidelines on breast cancer screenings one of the nation's biggest women's health groups now telling women to start getting annual mammograms when they turn 40 rather than 50. plenty of sunshine in store again today. it was a nice hot one yesterday at least inland. similar again today. pretty mild out the door this morning. sitting in the 50s and 60s.
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a little bit of low clouds at the bay and fog at the coast. but by this afternoon, it's going to be gorgeous. mid-90s inland around the bay, in the 70s at the coastline, in the 60s. we'll see more cloud cover at the coast than we did yesterday. this high pressure building in from the southeast continuing to keep us warm today. we will start to cool off eventually as this low starts to slide through. but we are this is clear for today and plenty of sunshine. here's what it looks like neighborhood by neighborhood. for your highs, 95 in livermore, 77 in oakland, san ramon 90. 74 in san francisco. 88 in redwood city. keeping those temperatures actually above average in several locations, for today and then tomorrow here's a significant drop-down. only going to be in the high 80s inland by friday. weekend looking good. plenty of sunshine, temperatures inland in the low 90s. monday similar and then a cooldown as we make our way into the middle of the workweek. so at that point temperatures in our warmest spots are only going to be in the high 80s although we'll see mostly sunny
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conditions. so great weekend ahead. already starting to plan for the weekend yet or not yet? >> oh, by monday. [ laughter ] >> planning by monday. planning to hit the roads right now, mobile 5 is live at 101 in san francisco. this is right at hospital curve and you can see traffic heading into san francisco. we have a few more cars on the roads but quiet on that southbound side. so far, so good though both directions if you are heading in and out of san francisco, southbound 101 to sfo not bad. thank you, don in mobile five. over to the bay bridge where metering lights are still off but we are seeing some extra cars on the road now. looks like lots of folks heading to work, more vehicles heading into san francisco. good on the lower deck into oakland no delays. 101 clear towards sfo. in fact things look good into the south bay, as well. san mateo bridge so far, so good. no delays to report. both directions clear. just about a 13 to 14-minute ride to go between 880 and 101. traffic good along 880 as well
6:20 am
in both directions. marin county roadwork a little sluggish south 101 from 37 to 580 about a 12-minute ride. once you hit the golden gate bridge you can see live here traffic is actually looking very good. still pretty light into san francisco. no accidents right now in marin county. the south bay northbound 280 through downtown san jose we are seeing some extra volume but so far no accidents there either. and silicon valley milpitas not bad both directions looking good. we'll check the altamont pass coming up in a few minutes. back to you guys. >> don in mobile five making his way around town. >> he is. this morning, president obama is changing his tune. he now says he could support a short-term debt deal to prevent the u.s. from going into default. he said he would be open to the option as long as a bigger deal was essentially in place. he is hoping the bipartisan "gang of six" plan can gain enough support in the house and senate to pass. and get ready one day, the mailman might only come on monday, wednesday and friday. the postmaster general tells
6:21 am
"usa today" that he predicts within 15 years, mail service will be reduced to three days a week. he says the cutbacks may be needed because of budget concerns and fewer people using the postal service. well, it is 6:21. a new link discovered between height and cancer. what just a few inches could mean for your risk. i'm really hoping that this works. it's hot enough. >> plus, is the u.s. under a sweltering heat wave? how one tv reporter tested out an age-old mystery. ew. ,, ,,,,,,,,
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good morning. lots of folks on the road. this is live westbound 580 approaching 680 in pleasanton. a little slow and go through the altamont pass between 205 and airway. we'll look at the bay bridge coming up. back to you. if you have always wished you were a little taller, you might want to reconsider. a new study finds that tall women may face a bigger risk of getting cancer. researchers at oxford university say that the risk of cancer goes up 16% for every 4" increase in height. now, they are not sure how height is linked to cancer but they say diet, genetic factors and growth hormones determine your height. soon no more naked images at airports. the transportation security administration plans to install new software on scanning machines. in a will allow security
6:25 am
workers to -- that will allow security workers to spot threats without viewing naked bodies this. comes after complaints that the current scanners invade privacy. the up great will be installed in -- the upgrade will be installed in airports nationwide in the next couple of months. >> some people feel like her cooking in the midwest. >> the heat there inspired an illinois reporter to try out an age-old myth. is it hot enough to cook on his car? he asked shoppers what they would try to fry up. >> could you probably maybe fry aning. >> scrambled eggs. >> love it. >> the reporter gave up after 30 minutes of frying bacon and eggs on the hot of his own car. the bacon dried out. the eggs looked like they cooked a little. not very appetizing. >> did i that same story when i -- i did that same story when i was in north carolina.
6:26 am
that must be journalism 101. >> next time a nonstick car. >> a news car? >> his car. >> time now 6:25. coming up, some people are calling it the south bay version of carmageddon. the major highway closure and how it will impact your commute. nose gear touchdown. >> and atlantis back on earth for good. the shuttle program is history. this morning, the emotional words the commander had for his crew. >> a chaotic community meeting in response to a police shooting last weekend. what the police chief had to say and what he is planning next. and another hot one around the bay area today. a little cooler by this weekend for the stern grove festival. san francisco symphony playing there this weekend. by that point, highs in the 60s, low clouds, a little cool out there. ,, ,,
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i'm elizabeth wenger. frank has the morning off. time is 6-- let's get a quick look at traffic and weather. here's good morning. it's thursday, july 21. i'm grace lee. >> i'm elizabeth wenger. time now 6:29. we are going to start off with a quick look at traffic and weather. kristy seifkin, good morning. >> good morning. frank is missing out being out of town. the weather has been beautiful especially yesterday, today, going to be another one filled with sunshine. temperatures pretty mild outside right now in the 50s and 60s, 57 for napa and vallejo, 60 in san jose, 55 in
6:30 am
the city. i'll tell you how much we are going to warm up in just a bit but let's go to gianna now with a look at traffic. >> thank you, kristy. live right now in san jose, here's a look at conditions 101 near capitol expressway. so far accident-free. but that could change. we'll have details coming up. back to you guys. >> thanks a lot, ladies. new this morning, police in fairfield are on the hunt for a suspect in a s.w.a.t. standoff that happened overnight. a 40-year-old man and his elderly mother got into an argument at this home on doral and paradise valley drive. these are live pictures of the area. police say held a gun to her face and tried to choke her. she managed to escape the house and get to the neighbor's. she was not hurt. s.w.a.t. teams surrounded the home and evacuated the area for some time. when they made the move into the house, the man ran out and he is still on the loose this morning. san francisco police chief is now turning to plan b. a shouting match cut short last night's town hall meeting over a deadly police shooting in the
6:31 am
bayview. our anne makovec is at the police station this morning where, anne, things got intense last night. >> reporter: yeah. the community meeting was meant to kind of calm the discord that we have seen between people here in the bayview and the police department. but it really just made it more apparent that there is a serious problem here. here is some footage of police chief greg suhr being shouted down during the meeting last night. [ screaming ] >> reporter: the chief left not long after this happened. he did try several times to answer people's questions about the shooting last weekend. but a lot of people were just there to vent. [ screaming ] >> people are upset that an act of violence happened in their town square but we were doing our best to make sure that mr. harding didn't do any violence
6:32 am
to the community. >> reporter: you just heard greg suhr mention the incident. meeting was held in response to the police shooting in the neighborhood last weekend. it started as officers approached a 19-year-old man for fare a vegas on the bus. he took off. police say he was shooting as them as he ran away after the police check for fare evasion. they shot back at him and he died shortly thereafter. kenneth harding wanted for questioning in a shooting death up there. a lot of people who came to the meeting said it wasn't about harding, it was more about years of bad relations between the police department and the community. they were expressing concerns that they were afraid that the police in this case were shooting to kill harding, that they did this in front of children and that they are sort of picking on the community by doing things like trying to make busts for fare evasion. the chief said he is planning to have more meetings but none
6:33 am
are scheduled yet. >> thank you. the police shooting happened in the bayview neighborhood over the weekend. with you tuesday night most of those arrested in this violent march that you're looking at here in protest were from somewhere else. 43 people were arrested on charges of vandalism or failing to obey a lawful or the like getting out of the street. only 17 were from san francisco. and just one was from the bayview. it was the picture-perfect way to end nasa's space shuttle program. >> that's right. no problems when atlantis landed this morning at cape canaveral florida. >> atlantis is home. its journey complete, a moment in history to savor. >> the final mission was the 135th of nasa's 30-year space shuttle program. and we all remember there were some tragedies along the way during the three decades. a total of 14 astronauts died in the challenger and columbia disasters of '86 and 2003.
6:34 am
as for the remaining shuttles, they go to museums. endeavour will be on display at the california science center in los angeles. atlantis, the final flight command her nothing but praise. >> a commander couldn't ask for three better people to go and perform an aggressive and to a certain extent, you know, historic mission. there is no debt -- no doubt that there is a lot of attention paid to this mission because it closes 30 years of space shuttle history. >> bittersweet all right. atlantis is set to go on display next year in florida at the kennedy space center visitors program. that will be cool to see up close. >> astronauts got t experience. >> time now 6:34. let's check traffic and weather. finally feels like summer. >> it does. finally does. seeing some clearing although a little more cloud cover this morning than what we saw
6:35 am
yesterday. but not a big deal especially last week when it was so gray outside. i promise you plenty of sunshine still in store for this afternoon. temperatures above average. we sent weeks below average. check out the numbers. between three and nine degrees above where we usually are this time year. that's great news if you like warmer weather. i'll tell you how long we'll stay warm in a little bit. let's go to gianna with traffic. >> thank you. mobile 5 is out and about traveling along 101 southbound right now heading towards sfo. they just passed oyster point where you can traffic up to speed there. no delays southbound if you head towards the airport. northbound good traffic coming up on the left-hand side of your screen. thank you, mobile 5 for that up date. let's jump to the maps. 101 at the san mateo bridge, no delays. on the bridge things look good. as you work your way into hayward, along the san mateo bridge, 880 itself also checking in problem-free. negotiable no major delays as you head towards the bay bridge. southbound clear all the way into hayward and towards the south bay.
6:36 am
we'll check the bay bridge coming up. but right now back to you. thank you. well, the fbi is searching for an 58-year-old woman believed kidnapped -- 85-year-old woman believed kidnapped by one of her sons who has ties to the bay area. doris goldberg was taken from her home in ashland oregon on may 24. she has alzheimer's. the suspect is 55-year-old marshall goldberg. he has connections to daly city and the fbi believes he has been in the bay area since the alleged kidnapping from his brother. marshall goldberg also has ties to southern california. specifically, north hollywood where he used to work odd jobs in the film industry. he was last known to be driving a 1996 gold oldsmobile four- door sedan california plate 3szy023. a busy stretch of silicon valley freeway will be closed for four straight nights. could this be our own bay area
6:37 am
carmageddon? matt bigler reports. >> reporter: good morning. it's not exactly carmageddon like they almost saw in l.a. but it's going to be a big inconvenience for a lot of silicon valley commuters who drive overnight or early in the morning. this is highway 101 through south san jose a three-mile stretch of the freeway both directions north and south that will be completely shut down starting at midnight tonight through about 5:30 tomorrow morning. and that last for the next four evenings as caltrans does overnight roadwork. we have been talking to commuters about this closure. a lot of them have had a heads up because caltrans has highway message boards outletting them know about the closure. a commuter says caltrans has within warning with the message boards. >> i have seen those signs up for at least a week now. >> that's good. >> reporter: so you're not worried about the silicon
6:38 am
valley version of carmageddon? >> no. i don't think so. the early warnings it's been good. >> reporter: he actually said he is from southern california. so compared to down there, this is nothing. he is ready for it. 101 again will be re-opened at 5:0tomorrow morning. so that does sort of bleed into the morning commute. it opens again at 5:30 tomorrow morning. it could have a lingering effect. 101 between capitol expressway and the 280/880 interchange will be closed at midnight tonight through the early- morning hours for the next four evenings. and the reason for all this, is to do some roadway improvements at the tully road interchange. live in san jose, i'm matt bigler for cbs 5. >> thank you. the number of traffic deaths in california is down for the fifth straight year. a new report shows about 2700 people died on the roads last year. that is california's lowest rate since 1944. experts credits dui campaigns, traffic safety initiatives and fewer people behind the wheel. >> there is a new man in charge
6:39 am
of transportation in san francisco. the "chronicle" newspaper says ed reiskin will be named as executive director of the municipal transportation agency. reiskin has been san francisco's public works director since 2008. 6:39. it is a blockbuster that plans to give harry potter a run for the money. "eye on the bay's" liam mayclem is here with a preview of captain america. oh, looking forward to that. and nerds unite from crazy costumes to superheros, the event that has die-hard fans flocking here to california. i know you're worried about making your savings last and having enough income when you retire. that's why i'm here -- to help come up with a plan and get you on the right path.
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i have more than a thousand fidelity experts working with me so that i can work one-on-one with you. it's your green line. but i'll be there every step of the way. call or come in and talk with us today.
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well, a gorgeous day yesterday and more of that in store this afternoon. plenty of sunshine by this afternoon. gorgeous shot you can see out here from our roof cam of the bay bridge. you can see a few clouds out there, a few more than yesterday. temperatures in fact 50s and 60s. fog at the coast, clear inland. this afternoon, above average temperatures, 90s inland, 70s at the bay, 60s at the coast. cloud cover lingering into the afternoon today at the coast. high from the southeast making the rest of the country hot
6:43 am
keeping us warm, as well. the low will creep back into the picture bringing cooler temperatures over the next couple of days so enjoy the warm weather while it lasts today. 95 high in livermore. 77 oakland. 88 vallejo. santa rosa 90 today. san francisco 74. 64 in pacifica and 89 today in san jose. so nice warm weather today. a little bit of a cooldown into friday. but then a beautiful weekend in store. more sunshine, temperatures in the inland spots in the low 90s and you will see we start to slide down in temperature next week. temperatures only in the high 80s. if you are looking for weather that's hotter, this weekend the california state fair in sacramento. after riding on the ferris wheel, if you are not too sick, you can participate in the giant corn dog eating contest. have a great weekend. enjoy the sunshine. gianna has traffic. >> thank you. let's jump over to a live look at conditions on 237 in sunnyvale westbound traffic
6:44 am
cruising through there, not bad. so far, so good for this thursday morning. on the maps, the rest of the south bay looks good including 280 northbound into san jose. sluggish through there but still accident-free and moving nicely on the southbound side. business as usual through antioch. altamont pass slowing down a bit, 21 minutes from the altamont pass to 680. if you are taking the bay bridge, looks good across the upper deck. metering lights are on so slow at the toll plaza but once you hit san francisco no delays. traffic looks good across the lower deck. nice ride into the east bay right now. everything clear as well as the benicia bridge no problems to report there in fact we lost our camera but so far, so good in both directions. golden gate bridge 101 delays southbound from 37 to 580. that will take 13 minutes. once you hit the golden gate bridge you can see in our live
6:45 am
camera here there's no delay, traffic from from the tunnel to the toll plaza and again not too bad on city streets. the rest of the bay area bridges problem-free. san mateo bridge clear both directions between the peninsula and 880. traffic looks good along 880 in hayward. bart no problems there. bart, ace, muni metro and caltrain all on time. back to you. >> thank you. there is a new report out and it looks like unemployment lines are getting longer. >> with more on that here's jason brooks with kcbs and good morning. >> reporter: good morning. unfortunately, weekly unemployment claims surged higher last week up 10,000 to 418,000. this following a pretty big drop the week before which had sort of given us some optimism that perhaps the market was going to head the right way but this has been indicativity past three months to get a drop one week and then heading higher the next week after that. we have yet to see claims fall below 400,000 in the past three
6:46 am
months. need to be below that point to indicate that job hiring is going under way in an ernest fashion. so that's a problem for the markets. a lot of earnings are out including a number from the silicon valley. intel reporting that it saw its profit increase 2% to $2.9 billion. its profit would have been higher if not for a couple of major purchases buying mcafee as well as infineon. and intel does say that it's seen an increase in shipped sales to pc makers selling their pcs toists with as well as an increase in pc sales to developing nations. that's helping offset some of the lower pc sales that we are seeing in the u.s. as well as in europe and in parts of asia. ebay reporting its numbers. while its profit took a big drop down over 30% to $283 million, most of that was the result of its position of gsi
6:47 am
commerce. its revenue jumped higher 25% to $2.7 billion. continuing to see very strong growth in its paypal business. stock market right now is mixed. problems for the tech sector it seagate out of scotts valley did top its expectations for its recent quarter for revenue and profits. but it lowered its forecast for the current quarter and seagate is getting hammered because of. that right now their shares are down 16%. nasdaq is recovering. it's up 5 points. dow up 64. s&p is up by 8 points. >> thank you, jason brooks with kcbs and well, all the buzz in tinseltown is about the new harry potter movie. but liam mayclem is here from "eye on the bay" from "captain
6:48 am
america." >> the pictures are stunning. >> ready for the review? >> you have to go see harry potter. >> i'm not a fan. >> "captain america," let's talk about that. it is the latest marvel comic character to make it to the big screen. chris evans plays the comic hero. it was created in 1941 at the start of world war ii. now, he is a human engineer living weapon. he is on the front line. america's world war ii prop gand ga offensive. back in the day he was on the cover of time. the comic character up against hitler on the front cover but there is little mention of the original world war ii mission against then evil tyrant adolph hitler. the film is bursting with action. the performances are strong. the story is weak. and halfway through, i just stopped caring. so ladies, i'll say this, it is a good popcorn film, a decent escape but it will not be top of my list of films to see this weekend. so if you haven't seen harry potter yet, put that top of your list. >> all right. >> all right. comedian reese darby just
6:49 am
completed three sellout nights at the comedy club in san francisco. this fall he is coming to the family to cbs starting in a new prime time cbs tv show, how to be a gentleman. we met recently in washington square park. take a look at this. so tell me about the new show on cbs, reese. how to be a gentleman? >> it's bound to be the biges hit this year on television. >> yup. >> it's about a guy who writes a column for a magazine on how to be a gentleman. somebody we've forgotten about in this world, you know? a bit of respect for the opposite sex. >> sure. >> you know? courtesy. people aren't doing it now. >> they're not. >> so we have created a show revolving around that. >> you ladies are fantastic. all the way from new zealand to
6:50 am
be part of your class today. >> we have a full feature coming weather that cbs show launches in september. but we stumbled into those lovely ladies who exercise in the park every morning. they were good sports and very kind enough to let us do that. let's move to the circus. another kind of circus. circus vargas is coming to newark this weekend. newark park mall at 2, 5 and 8. sunday 1, 4 and 7. and also this weekend, there is a shuttle mission return celebration. it's aboard uss hornet, the shuttle coming home earlier this morning. but this celebration is on the 42nd anniversary of the return of apollo 11, the spacecraft from its lunar mission. the uss hornet recovered astronauts then from both apollo 11 and 12. if you have never really ever
6:51 am
been aboard this ship, it's a great piece of american history. space shuttle history. the celebration saturday morning at 10:00 right there on the hornet at 10 a.m. on saturday morning. yeah. exciting times. the end of an era. have a wonderful weekend and do yourself a favor and watch "eye on the bay," myself, thuy, brian tonight 7 p.m. on our channel cbs 5. >> what i like about you liam is you always find some good reason to celebrate for the weekend. >> we have to. the weekend is here. i love that we do it on thursday. >> liam mayclem from "eye on the bay," thank you. >> thank you, ladies and good morning. are you a big comic book fan? >> love them. >> the city of san diego being taken over by comic book enthusiasts. it's time for the annual international event. it goes beyond comic books featuring movie viewings, too, with artists and previews of future comic games and animation. and, of course, people wearing
6:52 am
plenty of costumes. an estimated 125,000 people will attend that convention. >> 125,000? ! all in costume. >> quite the sight. >> yeah. all right. time now is 6:52. san francisco's top cop silent. >> an angry crowd takes over the chief's town hall meeting about a deadly shooting. what he is promising to do next.
6:53 am
the kincaids live here. across the street, the padillas. ben and his family live here, too. ben's a re/max agent, and he's a big part of this community. there are lots of reasons why re/max agents average more sales than other agents. experience, certainly. but maybe it's also because they care about the markets they serve and the neighbors who rely on them. nobody sells more real estate than re/max.
6:54 am
do something for it. show it some love.
6:55 am
chevron with techron. care for your car. tried to talk about a deadly shooting by officers. anne makovec is in san francisco, where the chief is not giving up. (shouting for :03) angry crowds drowned out the police chief. anne makovec is in san francisco where the chief is not giving up. he had a tough crowd. >> reporter: he really did. a lot of emotions expressed here in the bayview last night. in fact, the police chief left early promising more meetings in the future but just didn't like the format and how things were going last night. here's footage of him being shouted down. [ screaming ] >> reporter: chief greg suhr leftnot long after that happened. he did try several times to answer people's questions but a lot of residents were there to vent. the meeting was in response it a police shooting in the neighborhood last weekend that started as officers approached
6:56 am
a 19-year-old for fare evasion on the bus. he took off. police say he was shooting at them as he ran and they shot him. he died soon after. here is his picture. kenneth harding is a parolee from seattle wanted for questioning in a shooting death up there. but a lot of people who came to the meeting last night said it wasn't about hardin per se, it was more about bad relations with the community for years, they were upset that the police let harding bleed to death on the street that they did this in front of children. and they say that the police officers have a propensity to shoot to kill. again, more meetings to come but none have been scheduled. grace? >> we'll be watching. anne makovec in san francisco, thank you. police in fairfield are on the hunt for a suspect in a s.w.a.t. standoff overnight. a 40-year-old man and his elderly mother got in an argument at this home on doral and paradise valley drive. police say he held a gun to her face and tried to choke her. his mother escaped to the neighbor's house and was not
6:57 am
hurt. s.w.a.t. teams surrounded the home and evacuated the area for some time. when they made a move into the house, the man ran out. he is still on the loose. the shuttle has landed for the last time ever. atlantis touched down at cape canaveral, florida this morning bringing a successful end to the u.s. space shuttle program. commander chris ferguson put it best this morning saying the 30- year shuttle program changed the way people view the world and the universe. 6:57. a quick check of weather. kristy tells us it is national junk food day. >> it is a perfect day to get to the fair. get the double dose, twinkies and fried bugs an attraction this year, as well. san francisco gorgeous weather in the bay area, tomorrow a cooldown over the weekend in the low 90s. so dipping down a little bit and then we'll dip down even more as we make our way into next workweek.
6:58 am
hot one today. temperatures 90s inland. so take a cue from zoe head to the pool. i'm impressed by the dog's balance. this is a photo sent by a viewer. feel free to send us a photo if you would like at so over to gianna now and see how the traffic is going. >> all right. we are going to go straight to mobile 5 cruising along 101 in san francisco. traffic nice not bad. in fact it's been a nice drive all morning long in and out of san francisco. so thank you, mobile 5 for that shot. let's head to 237 in sunnyvale. looks like traffic on the westbound side still very light this morning. so far, so good. in fact, from the eastbound side, as well. now we'll jump to 101 near capitol expressway in the south bay. look at traffic building just a bit through here on the northbound side of 101. give yourself some extra time through san jose. on the maps, we have reports of a stalled vehicle on the lower deck of the bay bridge. looks like it's blocking lanes not too far from treasure
6:59 am
island but on the live shot traffic light on the lower deck. upper deck a few extra cars headed into san francisco. metering lights are on. sluggish approaching the toll plaza. back to you. >> thank you. it certainly may not be the most stylish item in your wardrobe but it could help you avoid extra airline fees. >> i love this story. they describe it as being lumpy and light weight. it's a jacket called the rufus roo. a british company designed it to help travelers avoid being charged for baggage check-ins. it's like a kangaroo. it has big pouches that travelers can stuff with 22 pounds of clothes, books and even a laptop. he even stuffed his shoes in there, too. some european airlines charge passengers up to $35 to check in a bag. so if you want to avoid that fee, just think rufus roo. >> cheapskates unite. >> i checked their website. apparently it comes in child sizes, as well. [ laughter ]
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